Gizmo Supply 7 in 1 Microdermabrasion Multifunction Beauty Machine

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Non-invasive, there is no downtime and no damage to skin cells Applicable for any skin characteristics Low costs (when compared with photon or laser methods) Strong lighting energy, intensive penetration,...

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  • Non-invasive, there is no downtime and no damage to skin cells
  • Applicable for any skin characteristics
  • Low costs (when compared with photon or laser methods)
  • Strong lighting energy, intensive penetration, short time
  • Simple equipment operation requiring no training

Diamond Dermabrasion provides a non-surgical skin refinish procedure, by using sterile diamond heads to abrade or rub off the top skin layer, then vacuuming out the particles along with any dirt and dead skin back up. This procedure removes skin debris, imperfections, blemishes, wrinkles and unwanted pigmentation on the skin. Moderate usage of diamond dermabrasion and skin products that penetrate the top skin will help replenish natural nutrients, restore cell activity, and promote skin health. The results after micro dermabrasion is a healthy, glowing, beautiful skin.

The Hot & Cold Hammer 
The cold function is specially designed for calming down the skin after peeling. The skin is sensitive after peeling , so the cold process is necessary. The hot function is designed for accelerating the absorption of nutrition.

Senility resisting, anti-allergic introducing nutrition, tighten skin, degreasing, improving skin, activating cell, reducing inflammation, accelerating cell reproduction and cell membrane reproduction, written the skin, reducing spot and melanin

Red: The 650nm red light is for wakening and activating the skin
Blue: The 462nm blue light is for calming and diminishing inflammation. 
Green: The 527nm green light is for comforting the skin. 
Purple: The 600nm purple light is for toxin elimination.
Orange: The 610nm light is for Balancing and recomposing.
Turquoise: The 470nm turquoise light is for relaxation. 
Yellow: The 590nm yellow light is for tightening and oxygen supply

Ultrasound utilizes sonic vibrations; it works one million times per second (1 MHz). The ultrasonic waves stimulate skin tissue and improve permeability of the membrane to promoted collagen tissue, reduced wrinkle and invisible appeared fine line, also lift the skin result for younger and healthy look. Ultrasonic generate frictional heat which accelerate blood circulation, muscle relaxation, and decompose the cellulite to break down exceed fat. 

BIO Face Lift 
Microcurrent is a low level of electricity that mirrors the body's own natural electrical impulses. A microcurrent face lift is a non-surgical, non-invasive cosmetic technique that safely and effectively improves the health and appearance of the skin . 

Skin Scrubber
It removes dead skin cells, smooth wrinkles, pimples and clears the complexion. Miscrubber technology uses ultrasonic waves to shake loose dead skin cells, it also create heat and vibration to give a pleasant massage which will drive creams and ampoules into the skin. 

High Frequency 
The high frequency electrotherapy is an important beauty instrument. It uses a glass electrode tube to produce high frequency current, and applies to the face to help calm the nerves with analgesia function. It produces the ozone for sterilization, can help wound to heal and to restrain pores. Improve secretion, the pH value, causes the skin lean to neutrality. Accelerate blood circulation, improve metabolism. Has the function of anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and tightening.


Machine x 1
Fuse x 3
Power cord x 1
Head holder(plate) x1
Head holder (cylinder) x 2 
PVC vacuum hose x 1
Diamond pen x 2
Diamond Head x 9 
Pens & Heads box 1
Cotton Filter x 1 bag
Hot & Cold Hammer x 1
Ultrasound Sonic Probe x 2
Photon Probe x 1
BIO Handle x 1
High Frequency handle x 1
High frequency tube x 3
Scrubber Handle x 1
Negative Stick x 1

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