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  • Dental Gizmo

    We carry the latest gizmo's for your dental office or lab
  • Welding Gizmo

    If you are a welder by trade or doing it as a hobby, we have the right tools for you.
  • Cavitation Gizmo

    For home or professional use, browse through our vast selection
  • Automotive Gizmo

    The latest and greatest automotive tools

We strive for the lowest prices, quickest delivery and un-matched customer service


Gizmo Supply Co. is like the name itself, we carry a little bit of everything. If you are a dentist, we offer dental tools for your office or lab. Cavitation machine for home or professional use, automotive tools & accessories for the garage or shop and much more. If you have a business and need a tool, chances are we carry it or can get what you need.


We pride ourselves in providing the best customer service and lowest prices. Our products include a 3 year warranty and are backed by their superior quality. Place an order today, you won't be disappointed. 

About Gizmo Supply Co.
  • We've been assisting over 100,000 customers throughout the world from our office in Fountain Valley, CA. Our customers return year after year because of our specialized customer service, free technical assistance, everyday low prices, and non-commissioned sales associates.

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  •   We are open: Monday - Saturday, 7AM - 5PM PST and closed on Sunday.
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